The Stone Milled Experience

What to expect from a Stone Milled pizza? Glad you asked.

Aptly, we import stone milled flour from Italy to give to our pizza its distinctive taste. Our dough, hand stretched and cooked straight on the stone, is planned and prepared to make sure it keeps its characteristics while arriving at your door.

The research doesn't stop with the dough. Our oven, imported from Italy as well, is specifically designed to provide the nice and crispy cooking, proper of every great takeaway pizza.

The ingredients are locally sourced, supplied fresh by South Australian producers and farmers.

So you get the gist of it, as Italians we are far from perfect, but we never, ever mess with food.


About Us

Stone Milled people are all about one thing: to provide you with a product that has been designed every step of the way to be delivered at your door and enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Everything, from the dough to the pizza boxes, from our website and apps to our network, all aligned to let you taste a slice of great pizza through a straight forward experience.

We are proud of our roots, and we believe years of tradition and love of Italian people for food can get along very well with all the modern and multicultural influences we can find in Adelaide.

Asian veggies on pizza? Good!

Indian spices on pizza? Good!

Slow cooked meat on pizza? Good!

Pineapple on pizza? Also good, but Stone Milled style.

In the end pizza is for us a symbol of joy, of unbridled happiness, and our only goal is to share at least a glimpse of that passion with you.


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